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In Dayton, OH, Cedarland Bakery & Restaurant delivers the most surpassing Lebanese cuisine. Traditional and innovative cuisine are prepared by our trained culinary professionals. A range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are available at Cedarland Bakery & Restaurant.

The tastiest Lebanese food can be found at Cedarland Bakery & Restaurant in Dayton. Cedarland Bakery & Restaurant's trained team will ensure your comfort. We think that hard work yields the best results. Cedarland Bakery & Restaurant serves up a delicious taste of Lebanon. Our experts create creative Lebanese cuisine by integrating all of the flavors. To make your food taste great and mind-blowing, we use fresh herbs and seasonings.

The best Lebanese cuisine restaurant in Dayton is Cedarland Bakery & Restaurant. Our expertise is freshness. The aroma of freshness will make you want to eat more. We keep a clean environment. After each dinner, the tables are cleaned. Our employees are committed and hardworking. We value friendliness and customer satisfaction. 

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No other restaurant in Dayton serves Lebanese food like Cedarland Bakery & Restaurant. The fresh herbs and veggies in our traditional recipes will make you crave for more. Dig your fingers in Lebanese food and your body will crave for more. The Lebanese masala is grown and prepared by our chefs. This species gives an aromatic effect to our dishes. We focus on taste as well as the presentation. We have been serving The Dayton for a long time.

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